Perler Bead Power-ups

Select Tuesdays from September through April at 6:00pm

For those not in the know, Perler beads (also called Fuse beads) are a craft in which multicolored beads are arranged on pegs and melted to create colorful 2D figures and abstract designs reminiscent of pixel art. Join us at Perler Bead Power-ups to make a pixelated version of our project of the month or create your own design. We’ll have all the supplies, you just need to bring the imagination.

Crafts of all kinds develop motor skills and dexterity; boost confidence through the learning of a new skill; encourage self-expression and individuality; provide opportunities for social interaction; encourage creativity and innovative thinking; grow decision making skills; improve memory; and encourage flexibility.

This event is recommended for grades kinder - 6th.

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